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SAS Affiliate Review

    What is SAS Affilite?

SAS Affiliate is a step-by-step, over the shoulder style training program on how to set up an affiliate website using groovepages and drive traffic to it for free.


The course has been created by Jason Caluori and Barry Plaskow. Jason is a conversion rate optimization expert, copywriter and affiliate marketer and delivers the training videos where you watch his screen and copy what he’s doing. Following this system, you can have everything up and running in 48 hours. Barry is a veteran online marketer who’s company, Really Successful, has helped thousands of people start their online business. He found there wasn’t much help for newbies when he started his online journey so he has made it his mission to help others, in the same position. His motto ‘No one Left Behind’ shows how passionate he is about his community and helping them achieve their highest goals.



Key Features

1. Over the shoulder, easy to follow training videos

2. How to pick the right niche, products and keywords for optimum success

3.  Build your free website with Groovepages (no need for paid version)

4.  Made for you templates ready to be uploaded

5. Helpful and knowledgeable support team on hand ready to answer your questions

6. Optional facebook group for added support

7.  Live training recordings

8.  Extra Bonus videos


What I liked about SAS Affiliate

You might be wondering if you need to have some experience or technical ability to get the full benefit of the program or does SAS Affiliate work for beginners?

I knew very little about affiliate marketing, only that you could make a commission from selling other peoples products but nothing about how to set it up.

I found the step by step, over the shoulder style training easy to follow. Jason keeps the videos short, (between 2 and 30 mins) designed so you can implement the trainings as you go along, meaning less chance of feeling overwhelmed which can be a major barrier for newbies.

There are suggested affiliate programs and products to promote, with done for you keywords and templates, to get you started although they feel it’s really important for you to learn the skill so you can continue picking products to promote and allow you to scale up your business.

As you can build your site on a Groovefunnels free account and the strategy for picking keywords, means you don't have to pay to be on page one of Google, there is minimal set up costs.

The tutorials include:

How to choose the right niche and products to promote

Picking keywords that will have your site ranking on page one of google without paying for ads

How to write content or where to source it if you don’t want to write it yourself

Building your site – adding content and affiliate links, SEO settings, picking a domain and publishing your site

Building links on social media platforms

There are also more than 20 live training recordings some with guests sharing their success and experiences and a number of bonus trainings and interviews with other experts including Ecom Email Empire Series with Mike Long and an OMGmachines webinar.


 SAS Affiliate and Groovefunnels

The affiliate site is created in a free Groovefunnels account with hosting also free for life.  Groove has faster page speeds which is really important for ranking and conversion rate.

 Is SAS Affiliate good for E-commerce and Local?

Yes, the training can help you increase sales for e-commerce products, there’s even some bonus videos in the members area, It’s also beneficial if you are working as an agency for local business.

Getting Support

Barry constantly encourages you to ask for support with anything you are having problems with or is holding you back. The knowledgeable support team are ready and waiting to assist in any way they can. There are also Q&A webinars where you can ask questions and get help straight away. There is an optional Facebook group priced at $97 per month with a 7 day trial for $1. It’s not necessary for your success to be part of the group but there are extra templates, your pages can be reviewed , questions answered there and then and it gives you the chance to interact with Jason and other expert members as well as others learning the system. Essentially another layer of added support.




What’s not so good

It’s difficult to say what’s not so good about this program. There are a lot of ‘done for you’ aspects to get you started but you really need to learn the skills to be able to grow your business. As the videos are easy to follow it’s very achievable though. Although Jason has everything up and running in 48 hours, realistically it’ll take most beginners a bit longer to set up. 


Does SAS Affiliate Work?

The course offers a very thorough and actionable system for you to follow, with lots of done for you aspects, free hosting, free traffic and the potential for growth, making it perfect for beginners and seasoned affiliates alike. As with any program, you have to follow the steps and stick with it and if you do, it will become an invaluable skill to have at your disposal, whether you're using it for affiliate marketing, increasing sales for e-commerce products or for local clients.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy to set up program with first class support, do yourself a favour and check out SAS Affiliate

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